• 4 Things To Avoid After You've Sustained A Personal Injury

    Are you experiencing an injury caused by another person's negligence? These situations are commonly known as personal injury cases, and you might have a case like this that requires the aid of a personal injury lawyer. Before you head to court, check out the four things you must avoid after sustaining a personal injury. 1. Discussing the Situation with the Negligent Individual No matter how you sustained your injury and who was negligent, even if it was someone you know well, you should never discuss the situation directly with them. [Read More]

  • Who Determines Fault After A Car Accident?

    In most cases, fault is of primary concern after an accident. The driver found to have caused an accident must use their own auto insurance to cover both their own damages and that of the other driver as well. The way fault is determined depends on the circumstances of the accident. However, in most cases, fault is determined by law enforcement, insurance adjusters, or a judge and jury. Read on to find out more about determining fault after a car accident. [Read More]