4 Things To Avoid After You've Sustained A Personal Injury

Posted on: 1 May 2023

Are you experiencing an injury caused by another person's negligence? These situations are commonly known as personal injury cases, and you might have a case like this that requires the aid of a personal injury lawyer. Before you head to court, check out the four things you must avoid after sustaining a personal injury.

1. Discussing the Situation with the Negligent Individual

No matter how you sustained your injury and who was negligent, even if it was someone you know well, you should never discuss the situation directly with them. Saying the wrong thing to this individual could work against you, even more so if they're recording their conversations with you. If this person attempts to contact you to discuss the case, let them know they can reach out to your attorney with anything they want to ask or talk about instead of attempting to do so with you.

2. Waiting Too Long to Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

Don't let too much time pass when you've sustained a personal injury. It would be best to get in direct contact with a personal injury attorney to discuss what happened, what types of injuries you have, and how the injury has negatively affected your life. Waiting too long could prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the negligent party due to the statute of limitations. Even if you don't believe you have an actual case, talk to a personal injury attorney because you may be surprised at the damages you can seek because of your injuries.

3. Speaking to Any Insurance Company Without Having Your Attorney Present

Talking to a representative from any insurance company is equally as bad as talking with a negligent party. Your answers to questions and comments could be misconstrued and used to deny your claim, which you don't want to deal with because of the hassle that will create for you. You should only speak to the insurance company when your attorney is there to listen in and guide you, ensuring you don't answer anything you don't need to.

4. Posting Too Much About the Situation on Social Media

Avoid posting too much about the ordeal on social media. If you're speaking openly on various platforms and the negligent party can see what you're saying, they may print copies of your words, provide the information to their lawyer, and then attempt to discredit you and your claim.

After sustaining an injury, these are the top four things you need to avoid. Never say too much or engage in conversations about your case without a personal injury attorney who can help you.  

For more information, contact a local personal injury lawyer