Do You Need An Attorney After A Motorcycle Accident

Posted on: 3 November 2018

If you have been involved in an accident while riding a motorcycle that was not your fault, hiring a motorcycle attorney to deal with damages and expenses may be necessary. While it is not always a fight to get medical bills and other damages paid, some insurance companies can be hard to work with so having someone in your corner that is familiar with the law, and the process can be beneficial. 

Determining If You Need A Lawyer

Not every accident requires a lawyer be involved, but if you have been involved in one that that has caused you an injury, lost work time, and other damages, it is a good idea to find a lawyer that works with these cases. Navigating through the process of filing claims with the issuance of the person that caused the accident can be difficult and often their insurance company may be resistant to paying the claim. 

Establishing Your Loses

One of the first things you will have to do is sit down with your lawyer and determining what your loses and damages are. In most cases, things like lost work time, chronic pain, or disability as a result of the accident are all added up to determine what the damages are. Pain and suffering can also be added to the suit, but it is often looked at different than physical lose.

Signing Off On The Claim

After many accidents, the insurance company from the other party involved will contact you and offer you a settlement. All you have to do is waive your right to sue them and sign an agreement to that effect. If the insurance company has contacted you, talk to your lawyer right away. Most insurance companies do this when there is a chance they can get sued for more money than what they are offering. If it a way for them to control the settlement amount and it usually means you have a case against the other driver that they are concerned about. 

Your Day In Court

If your case does go to court, let your lawyer handle the details. You may have to testify to what happened so you will need to be prepared to tell the store to the court. If you lawyer thinks this will be required to win the case, they will help you through the process. Remember, your not on trial so tell your story and let the jury and court sort out the details for themselves. If the case looks strong against the other driver, the insurance company may contact your lawyer and try and settle before the case ever goes to court.