How To Avoid Getting In An Accident With Semi-Trucks

Posted on: 30 April 2018

Semi-trucks are important to the economy. They transport large loads of freight from coast to coast. Unfortunately, a semi-truck can pose a high risk of injury to any driver on the highway. A fatal truck accident happens about 11 times a day in the United States.

This type of vehicle is dangerous because of its size. Tractor trailers are large and heavy. They cause extensive damage when making contact with other vehicles. If you are involved in a crash, then it is time to contact an auto accident attorney. Read on to find out how to avoid getting in an accident with semi-trucks.

Exercise Caution When Driving

Every driver should use caution at all times, but you have to treat truck drivers differently. It is hard for a truck driver to navigate the highway. A semi-truck starts slow and takes longer to stop than a regular car does. This vehicle is more vulnerable to risky conditions on the road. Certain factors make tractor trailers at risk for causing an accident. These factors include speed, weight, and size.

Stay Visible

Truck drivers have low visibility. They have limited sight behind them and to the side of the vehicle. This means tractor trailers have large blind spots. For these reasons, you have to stay visible when driving on the road. You have to look for signs that the driver can see your vehicle. For example, if you cannot see the driver or the vehicle's mirrors, then the driver probably cannot see your car.

Pay Attention To The Turn Signals

You can be driving down the road and decide to pass a tractor trailer. As you start to pass, the driver turns on his turn signal, which means you have to hurry up and pass. You have to pay attention at all times. Truck drivers can activate their turn signals at any time. They may not see you and try to cut in front of your vehicle. You have to alert truck drivers of your presence when passing. When this happens, you need to get out of the way.

Unfortunately, it is not always enough just using extreme caution. You cannot prevent all accidents. The best driver can get in a vehicle crash. As a driver, you need to drive for yourself and everybody on the road. However, you must prepare in case one occurs. It helps to have the number of a good car-accident lawyer on hand.