Making Things Right After Fleeing A Collision Scene

Posted on: 8 November 2017

Have you been avoiding public places after crashing into someones vehicle and fleeing the scene? If you are tired of hiding from law enforcement officers and want to come clean, everything should be okay if you go about it in the right manner. You will first need to hire an attorney that has a background with helping people who have committed similar crimes. The reason why is because you will have the best chance of avoiding harsh legal punishment for your actions. This article contains information that will help you feel more confident about the services that an attorney can provide for your situation.

Try to Understand Why You Left the Scene

The perk of having an attorney to talk to about your situation is that he or she will not be judgmental. The attorney will try to understand what was going through your mind at the time that the accident took place. You should take the opportunity to tell the attorney everything that is on your mind, even if you are guilty of something. For example, if you were impaired by alcohol and weren't completely aware of what was going on, let the attorney know. You can actually assist with building a strong defense by not holding back information in regards to the collision.

Find Out If the Other Driver Was Injured

An attorney can find out if the other driver was injured, as well as the extent of vehicle damage that was done in the collision. The severity of the incident will determine how much legal trouble you are facing. You must keep in mind that if there was more than one person injured in the other vehicle, you can be held liable for all of them. The attorney can also find out if it is possible that you were not actually at fault for the collision, such as if the other party has a history of driving under the influence of alcohol. If so, you might only be held liable for leaving the scene, and the attorney can pursue compensation in your favor against the other driver.

Come Up With a Satisfactory Plea Deal

Whether you are guilty of causing the accident or not, your mistake was leaving the scene. If you are faced with punishment, an attorney can help choose a plea deal. For example, he or she might recommend that you plead guilty to causing the accident, but ask for a sentence that doesn't include jail time. If the attorney finds that you are not actually responsible for the accident, the plea deal might involve you pleading guilty for leaving the scene, but only performing community service. The way that your legal situation turns out depends on your specific actions, as well as the injuries and actions of the other party.

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