Wrongful Death: 5 Impacts You May Suffer at Home

Posted on: 23 July 2015

The initial impact of a death can be devastating. As the shock wears off, the emotional pain can only get worse at home. Instead of just going through the pain, a wrongful death attorney can open up a case. A potential wrongful death settlement not only covers the loss of a loved one, but it also covers the pain and suffering that comes along with it. Every case is different, but the following five impacts can happen directly at home and have an effect on the outcome of your case.

By working with your lawyer, you can infuse the following examples into your case and testimony.

Family Pets

Not only do you and your loved ones have to deal with the loss of a family member, but the pets in your home are impacted by that loss. For example, when a dog loses it's owner, it can go through a state of depression. This includes eating less and showing a lack of physical energy.

Not only is this emotionally tolling, but you could end up paying extra for vet appointments, special diets, or new companions for the animals. For animals like fish or reptiles, you may have to deal with relocating the animal if the main person who took care of it is the one who passed away.

Personal Collections

A lot of people have personal collections that they have spent years building and displaying. Losing that person means that the collection is abandoned. Not only is the collection hard to sell, but you need to figure out what to do with the items.

With the person not properly maintaining the collection, items like comics or collectible statues can lose a lot of their value. Selling off the collection could come at a loss if you are not as experienced in valuing the items like the person who passed. When working with an attorney, you can determine the full value of the collection and impact it's had after the person has passed.

Cleaning Out the Home

Cleaning out the home of a loved one is not only emotionally tolling, but it can add a lot costs as you dispose of items. An attorney can help you reclaim these costs during a wrongful death case. Examples of these costs include dumpster rentals, cleaning crews, or costs for accessories like garbage bags. These costs can add up quickly and make an impact on your financial situation.

Mail & Subscriptions

Even if you clean out your home, there can be daily emotional reminders of your lost loved one with the mail. The emotional pain of seeing mail reminders can be hard, especially when you have to call various companies to remove the name from mailing lists.

There can also be a financial loss in the mail that comes to the passed loved one. For example, wasted magazine subscriptions can add up along with any subscription boxes the person received. These subscriptions can be cancelled, but you may have received issues or boxes without the time to properly cancel them. A lawyer can help determine the value of this loss and add it to the impact of the case.

Daily Impacts

Every person plays a role in your home and the loss of that person can have a big impact on your life. There are multiple examples of daily impacts that can change you financially and emotionally. If the person who passed was the main cook in the home, then you have to purchase food, learn to cook, or spend additional money on take-out delivery.

If the person who passed completed a lot of repairs around the home, then you will have to pay extra for services like handymen, plumbers, and landscaping. The party responsible for the death could be held liable for all these costs as it becomes a part of your wrongful death suit.

Consider other impacts in your home that can occur. Even if they seem minor, they can become an important part of your case.